Working with us
We are continuously looking for new talents. Join out team and help us to continue the revolution of the industry by developing simple and robust solutions.
Our mission
At BAG-ERA we aim at simplifying the work of others, regardless their position. This way, each person will invest a maximum of his-self in his work and professional life. Our project benefits both the employers and the employees.
Our values
These are some of the values that make part of our daily work in our company. These values are our inspiration every day. They motivate us to create our platform and products on which we entirely believe. We are confident that if we help people, by simplifying their daily tasks, we can make people happier and more confortable at work.
We want our collaborators feel full-filled in their professional life. We promote the well-being at work as way to fully develop our capabilities.
We work together, as a team, to reach our objectives. The most important, making a mistake is not a problem but a real opportunity to improve and exchange with others.
At BAG-ERA everyone is responsible of his own work and his way of working: we do not have fixed schedules, and teleworking as allowed. What matters is being professional and work as a team. The other aspects are irrelevant.
The most important is to love what we do! Learning and discovering new things. Sharing our knowledge with our colleagues! All of these exchanges start by sharing some 'chouquettes' and a coffee with everyone :)
We respect our differences and we are proud of them! At BAG-ERA, each collaborator complements the others, there is no absolute truth. As long as we are able to work together, towards our objectives, each of us has the right to give his opinion.
Work and feel full-filled
We want our collaborators to feel full-filled, this is the best way to keep motivated and give 100% of one self at work!. For that we offer many things to our employees.
A really cool team!
We offer you:
- An exciting work with a team that is excited to work,
- Working with experts in different domains,
- The possibility to learn about what you love and acquire new skills.
    A very nice work environment, we even have air conditioning :)
    Our work environment is unique:
    • Our premises are located at Grenoble's city center,
    • With relaxing rooms,
    • Free coffee,
    • And, the best of all, very nice neighbours!
    Our offers
    Maxime Louvel, Ingenieur R&D
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